Wow Play

The mission of the play, “Wow, Wow, Wow”, is to be used as an evangelistic tool, bringing people to Christ. It doesn’t just consist of original, fun rythms, songs, dancing and videos, but it encourages the audience as well as the performers that they are loved, unique, Crystals, gems.

I produced this video to screen before the final scene, “Heaven’s Got Talent Show.” I interviewed the students to answer the questions: “What do they see in Jesus, creation and themselves.” My heart was blown away by their answers.

Read about the story behind the making of the play.

The play that I had the privilege of producing for Jesus and His children completely came out of nowhere, and it was a full out answered prayer. 

My sister Crystal, 27, died on March 19th 2017 and there were times in her life that I know she didn’t fully understand how loved she was. 

I made a prayer to tell the world that they are loved, they are crystals, gems. This prayer was made the same night I cried over a woman who reminded me of my sister and pleaded for her to know the truth, that she is special and has a purpose. My sisters in Christ covered me in prayer and I felt Heaven touch me. 

I wrote about the experience in my remembrance journal before I made the prayer, and I wrote “Wow, Wow, Wow” because that is how divine I had felt like I was touched by God and His Body of Christ.  

My friend Jill hadn’t come to me yet to ask me if I wanted to write a play for a Christian Middle School. This wasn’t going to happen until about almost a year down the road. The “Wow, Wow, Wow” in my remembrance wasn’t even found actually until we were in production. The play was written, the songs, and the acting had begun, and I stumble upon the journal foreshadow Jesus’ plans for me.

Funny enough, the Lord really needed my wrist to break first before He could use me more for this answered prayer. Once my wrist was broken and I was unable to work at my full-time job, I had plenty of time to write and produce a play for His glory.

The main song in the play had been written before I was even asked to produce this piece of art. The song is called “You are a Crystal” and on the anniversary of her death one year later, I was singing “You are a Crystal” to the 5th – 8th graders who were putting on the play. 

March 19th, the worse day of my life, had been made completely new one year later. The Lord made it a beautiful day where I could encourage children that they are loved, special, unique, crystals, gems. Wow! 

Pslam: 139:13 - For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

I have never written a play before. I am a filmmaker. But the Lord wanted me to learn to trust Him more and stepping out in faith to produce this art work for Him, proved to me how He will always provide if it’s for His glory. 

The dress rehearsals weren’t coming together, but the show did, and it all goes to show that it was His play, not mine. It is for His people and His Kingdom, not me and my prayer is that someday more children will be able to put on this play for the world. More children will learn how special they are through the journey of learning this play and they will be able to encourage more children of God that they are special, valuable and unique, that they aren’t just crystals, but they are forgiven and loved beyond their wildest dreams. 

Keep me in your prayers as I aim to put the package together for this play to sell in the community as well as put on more for evangelistical use. God Bless! For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

There was multiple media projected on the back wall during the play. Here is one video I produced for the show. 

Wow from Lauren Kristine Miller on Vimeo.