I’m reminded over and over again that I am enough for God. I don’t need to write a book, become a well-known artist or speaker to be worthy of His love. I’ve noticed the shift in atmosphere when I decide to rest in this. I have so much time off from work right now that I am in a beautiful season of being okay with being where I am. I’m okay with resting.

It feels weird to rest so much. You can start to feel like you are sitting on your hands. This is not true though. I think God just really wants me to rest, and in a new way I never did before.

I never had thought about this, but getting things done can give you a thrill of accomplishment, just like it feels when you work out. You feel good that you accomplished something. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with feeling good when you accomplish something, but maybe there’s an even deeper level of peace and joy we can achieve with the awareness of this.

Can my greatest feeling come from my relationship with God and leave everything else be secondary? Can I truthfully say to God, ‘there’s nothing I hold onto’? That’s a tough one. We can sing it and we can want it, but I kind of do really want a husband someday. I kind of really do want a good salary job. I want a house and kids. I want my health, my eyes and ears. I want a car and yearly vacations. I want to travel and learn about the world. I want to laugh and have fun and some days not talk about the bad stuff. Continue reading “Enough”