Wow! This moment…What a Beautiful Gift From God

This moment is fleeting as I sit here in the presence of God.

I have the privilege to voice my opinion on the internet. I have the privilege to drive my car home and see family today if I chose to. I have many blessings.

Wow. I really have so many blessings.

I have a bed. My friend just bought me a new box spring because mine was bad.

I have a gym membership with a pool so I can get some of the cardio my body really needs.

I get to see my mom today, God willing. I get to be with her.

God has given us this day.

It’s all a gift.

Me getting to go to college and get $75,000 in debt was still all a gift. I learned a lot about filmmaking and knowing how to tell a good story.

This computer is a gift.

My hands are a gift.

My voice is a gift. My mind. My heart.

The sun is shining. That’s such a gift.

I have friends that I can contact for prayer. Wow! What a gift!

About 15 people will be coming tonight to my mom’s birthday party! Wow! What a gift. God is good.

I am going to pursue my other sister today who hasn’t talked to me in two years. Even if she rejects me, what a gift that I get to TRY!

I can try and obtain all the knowledge in the world, but the true source that can allow the sun to rise and let it set, is the creator who is in control of it all. 

He gives me the gift to learn and he gives me the gift to not. It all is His and it all is for Him.

Have you ever been given so much, you just want to sit and marvel in His glory, His beauty? Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a gift it is to be here. What a gift it is to be healthy. What a gift it is to have family and friends or be given the opportunity to make them.

What a gift we have been given to be able to choose to love, in this moment, that is fleeting.

This moment, drawing close to the God who loves, the God who hears our prayers, it’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful gift to call upon the Lord who saves.

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