My Heart Sees You

Dear World,

Today, March 23rd, 2020, my heart is with you and sees you.

There has been a lot of emotions over the last week here in our world.

There has been fear, worry, anger, stress, tears. There has people who haven’t felt the affects of this transformation much yet, and there has been people who have felt it drastically.

My heart is with the mom who just lost her job and has six kids.

My heart is with the families who have lost more than one loved one due to the corona virus, as well as families who haven’t lost anyone yet.

My heart is with the businesses that are currently down and unsure of what is to happen.

My heart is with the President who is doing the best He can in America.

My heart is with every Congressmen and Mayor who are working together to provide a safe world for us, and to save as many lives as possible during this time.

They have made bold decisions and actions to take. They have ordered supplies. They have made sacrifices of little to no sleep, to help save lives in this country.

My heart is with every nation who is suffering during this pandemic.

Many lives have been lost, and in the chaos, I don’t want to encourage myself or anyone to forget the damages that have already been done, as we wait for what is next.

My heart is with the reporters and news anchors that have to report this news and continue to work diligently to give us answers.

My heart is with the nurses and doctors who are laying down their life right now to stop this corona virus, and worrying about their families in the process.

My heart is the with the grocery store workers, factory workers, transportation systems, and gas station employees. We need each and every one of you right now.

My heart is with every worker who takes care of children or students. I myself watch over children in a day care and school. I would feel absolutely horrible if I spread it to any of them and they became severely sick.

My heart is with every single rich and poor  human being around the world, who is just unsure, afraid and is desiring the answers.

My heart is with you. I see you.

Maybe you never felt seen before, but I see you today, and I believe the whole world is starting to see you more clearly.

We all are seeing each and everyone of you for who you truly are.

You all truly are amazing, and I am so thankful to live in a world with more than one person to help make it all go around.

It’s hard to know what tomorrow will bring. It’s hard to not know what will come.

Did we ever really know what would come, though?

I think we like to envision our yearly plan as something that always goes accordingly. But none of us expected this pandemic. None of us expected this sacrifice. None of us.

And so, maybe me telling you that my heart is with you, doesn’t ease the pain, and maybe it does.

My hope though, is that each one of you do receive peace at this time. My hope is that you don’t desire all the answers, and you can learn to trust again.

Trust in God, trust in man, trust in the greater good.

Bad things happen and bad choices happen, but there is a lot of good happening among it all. I will choose to look for it, believe in it, and see it with my own eyes.

Then again, I already have, because I’ve gotten to see it all in you. 

You’re perfectly and wonderfully made, an irreplaceable treasure this world has taken for granted. 

My Heart is with you all.

I love you.

I see you.

May you rest knowing you are loved.

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